Evengreener voucher codes for March 2019 - Exclusive promo codes for evengreener.com
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Updated Wed 20 March 2019

Evengreener Voucher Codes

Are you looking for Evengreener discount vouchers and Evengreener promo codes? We have all the latest Evengreener offers that will save you money when you are shopping at evengreener.com

We currently have 17 Evengreener listings

Special Offers At Evengreener.com

Current Offers At Evengreener

Special offers at Evengreener can change daily, check here to find the latest ones.

Expired Offers At Evengreener

Ended: 2013-01-01 12:00:00

FREE for orders which total £50.00 or more.

Ended: 2013-01-01 12:00:00
Save 25%!

Save 25% on the amazing composing kit and other special products.

Ended: 2013-01-01 12:00:00
Special Offer

Free delivery on all orders over £50!

Ended: 2013-01-01 12:00:00
Special Offer

Save 25% on the amazing Composting Kit!

Ended: 2012-09-30 23:59:59
Get a Blackwall Compost Converter for Only £29.95

You can get this really useful Blackwall Compost Converter, 220 litre, Black here for only £29.95, and contribute significantly to make the earth greener.

Ended: 2012-09-30 23:59:59
Get a Blackwall Kitchen Composter for Only £36

You can get this Blackwall Kitchen Composter here for only £36, which will turn your kitchen waste into valuable compost.

Ended: 2012-09-30 23:59:59
Get a Cloudburst Water Butt Kit for Only £52.95

You can choose this really useful Cloudburst Water Butt Kit for saving water. You can also get free delivery from here.

Ended: 2013-02-02 23:59:59
Hotbin now priced at £129.99!

Helps recycle organic and food waste a lot faster. There's no need to fork or tumble as the bin itself will make the most of the ideal conditions for easier hot composting.

Ended: 2013-02-02 23:59:59
Compost Pail, Sage priced only at £14.99!

A compost pail that is an excellent solution for making use of food waste. Made from pure stainless steel.

Ended: 2018-12-31 23:59:59
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Ended: 2018-12-31 23:59:59
Delchem Flush Siphon - Now Just £6.99

Last chance to buy this amazing dual flush system at such a great price. The long and short flush features allow you to only use as much water as you need.

Ended: 2018-12-31 23:59:59
Multipurpose Storage or Recycling Container - Now Just £9.99

Get this durable container in a range of different colours for just £9.99 while stocks last.

Ended: 2015-12-31 23:59:59
Rain Saver Water Butt 190 Ltr Kit - Just £48.95 or Buy One and Get One Half Price

This rain saver butt includes a child safe lid, and allows you to use the rain from your roof tops to water the plants or for anything else you need it for.

Ended: 2015-12-31 23:59:59
Blackwall Compost Converter - 220 Litre - £31.95 or Buy One and Get One Half Price

Requires no assembly and has been voted the best budget buy in Gardeners World Magazine.

Ended: 2015-12-31 23:59:59
Blackwall Bokashi Bin Twin Pack - Just £39.95

These two bins come with carry handles, drainage taps and air tight lids.

Ended: 2015-12-31 23:59:59
3 Litre Compost Pail in Beige - £15

Comes with removable liner, easy grip handle and airtight lid.

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Merchant's Description

About Evengreener

Evengreener is the ultimate guide and aid for the environmentally friendly people out there. It is a website that provides not only a wide range of products but also amazing advice for those who want to reduce the damage they cause to the environment and change their lifestyles for the better. In a world where technology is getting more and more complicated and more and more demanding, it is good to turn to “green” alternatives at least in some aspects of your life. At Evengreener.com you will find numerous composting solutions, water and energy saving products, recycling tools and great green gifts. If you wish you could find a simple way of helping the environment, this website will give it to you without making you enforce radical changes. Everything at this store really works; it is of excellent quality, created by people who really know what they are doing. It is also very affordable making green living available to everyone.

More About This Merchant

Evengreener.com is the official e-commerce portal of Straight Ltd, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of water saving products and recycling containers. They have been empowering households in order to save money by saving wastes for over 20 years. Just some of the bestselling brands they carry are Rainsaver, Cloudburst, and Blackwall. You may discover more about them by browsing through their portfolio of products online. Great deals and offers also lie in store for you.


By having your own nutrient-rich compost, you’re not only providing your garden plants a natural way to stay healthy an beautiful, but you’re also helping the environment by reducing wastes being sent to landfills and preventing build-up of greenhouse gases. Here, you can purchase different kinds of composting materials including large composters, specialised food waste bins, caddies, liners, and wormeries. Check out their top sellers to get a good idea of what other smart customers buy.

Water Conservation

This online store also offers an impressive array of water saving devices that are suitable for different requirements and preferences. These include decorative water butts that will especially look good in your garden as well as up to 1200 litre water tank if you’re searching for a large-scale rainwater harvesting equipment. Simply select the size and the design you prefer to save time shopping.


Looking for durable plastic bins that you can use at home or for your business? Check out evergreen.com and you will find a great selection of wheelie bins and dustbins, perfect for collecting recyclables. They are available in fantastic colours and different capacities.


Keep this online shop bookmarked so you won’t miss out on great-value composting and water-saving product bargains. You may also subscribe to their newsletter.


All their products are of high-quality. Most of their larger articles come with a 10-year or a 5-year guarantee.

More About This Merchant

Most people today are taking an interest in going green and growing their own organic products. If you are one of those people but aren’t quite sure how to get started, Evergreener can show you how to get started with a wide variety of products and tools to get you on the path to a living a greener life. They have products that can not only save you money, but also help you save the environment. With composters as well as water saving devices, Evergreener has the right products for you to get started living a greener lifestyle. They also offer a wide variety of energy saving devices such as plug-ins adapters with foot shut off options as well as energy saving monitors to place in your home to gauge how much money you are using on a daily basis. Evergreener is an excellent source if you are interested in going green.

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